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After moving to Madrid in 2016, the founders of KeyCalorie discovered a country full of incredible quality and healthy dining experiences, and were surprised that only few food agencies offered a professional nutritional advice service. It was then that they decided to link a personalized online nutritional consultation service with a professional to healthy food from tupper agencies throughout Spain to help people eat healthier and better organize their diet, turning this cause into a personal mission.

Offering professional service and personalized patient care with a fast, transparent and reliable delivery of the meal pack with which the patient can receive integrated personalized nutritional advice, KeyCalorie provides the consumer with a tool to achieve their goals. The agencies that partner with us see their income increase allowing the creation of thousands of jobs in the health and catering sector.

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Everything we do at KeyCalorie revolves around our values, which govern our work and decision-making, from those related to hiring, evolution and the progress of our people, equipment and products.

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KeyCalorie is on a mission to improve the way our patients eat. We facilitate the work of organizing meals by providing a personalized professional accompaniment who will be in charge of creating your ideal meal plan with homemade recipes, with the possibility of adding healthy dishes from various kitchens or agencies throughout Spain.


With KeyCalorie you can forget about having to cook!

Thanks to continuous innovation and expansion, we offer the best solution when it comes to achieving a nutritional goal, seeking to make this experience as comfortable and personalized as possible. Our goal is to provide the patient with all the necessary nutrients to meet the body's needs.


KeyCalorie was created in Madrid and we pride ourselves on exporting our technology around the world. Our algorithm is based on powerful technology that personalizes the experience based on the patient's goals and analyzes the diagnostic variables to offer suitable dishes to the plan.

Together with an excellent operational planning, we offer the patient an unmatched experience that allows us to adapt the meal plans to the maximum. KeyCalorie has already improved the rhythm and well-being of life of its active users on the platform. 

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